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What Is The Difference Between The Infrared Vetrolaser (Three 808nm diodes/300mW) And The VetroRed Laser (Six 650nm Diodes/5mW)?

In short, tissue penetration. The three diode infrared Vetrolaser (808nm/300mW) can penetrate up to 2 inches and is ideal for treating deep tissues such as tendons, muscles, and joints. The six diode VetroRed laser penetrates 1cm and is the wavelength recommended for treating wounds and wire cuts.  A red laser can also be used for quick pain control since it can quickly reduce inflammation over superficial nerve endings.

In all of our laser packages you get a single wand red laser with the same specifications as the six diode red laser. The only difference is that the six diode red laser can treat a much larger area all at once, thus greatly reducing treatment time. This is important to veterinarians who treat a lot of animals each day. The single red diode is ideal for treating acupuncture points, but can still treat a larger area--it just takes a lot more time than the six diode red laser.

The Vetrolaser is the most affordable infrared cold laser on the market today. This limited special price makes it even more affordable. We don’t often have specials on cold lasers, but when we do they are bought up within the first hour or two of the listing.

Why Pay Thousands? 

"Ours Does Exactly What Theirs Does For A Fraction Of The Price." 
Veterinarian Recommended

"I purchased my Vetrolaser weeks ago, and began utilizing it immediately on my canine and feline patients. Not only have I noticed tremendous decrease in post-operative inflammation, but my clients are very happy I am including this as a treatment modality. Since there are many posts about how well the unit works, I will not overkill the issue. The one thing I notice that appears to not be mentioned is the financial benefit. The unit has paid for itself within two weeks, making this purchase a no-brainer. Thanks again Dr. Kamen." G. Roiland, DVM"

If you still have your heart set on spending $5,000.00 for a real infrared cold laser, then buy 10 of ours." Ours are real lasers, NOT LED’s.
Did you know that some people spend over $12,000.00 for a 635nm/5mW red laser? Did you also know that you get a FREE single diode red laser with those specifications when you buy the Vetrolaser?

Our Cold Laser Packages
The $595.00  package  (plus $15.00 shipping)

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This is the same cold laser used by thousands of veterinarians worldwide. 
Quickly Treat Wounds, Joints, Bowed Tendons, Muscles, And Pain

We also sell affordable Veterinary Class 4 lasers.

Our 3 Diode Infrared Vetrolaser® Has Been The Choice Of Animal Care Professionals For Over 16 Years. Utility And Affordability.  Precision Lasers, One Wavelength At A Time.  3 Diode Infrared (Muscles And Joints).  6 Diode Red (Skin). Both Used For Pain Control.


Vetrolaser  808nm/300mW    Horse Wound Before And Eight Weeks After Using The Vetrolaser*

Highest Quality, Longest Lasting Infrared Laser Diodes Made In The U.S.
Click Here For More Horse And Dog Wound Pictures. 
Veterinarians Use Our Lasers To Treat Pain Associated With Canine Hip Dysplasia And ACL Tears.
 Treat Sores On Dogs Commonly Found On Their Paws (Pads) And Legs.
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Vetrolaser Video Demo:

Note:  When we mail your laser package by USPS priority mail, we send it requiring a signature, assuring the customer receives their purchase.  Please let us know in advance if you prefer not to sign for it.

 Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C.                            Treating Ginger's Sore Shoulder With The Vetrolaser             Dr. Kamen Adjusting "Cigar" 
                                                                                                                                      Winter of 2000
Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C. is a 1981 Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Author of The Well Adjusted Horse, The Well Adjusted Cat, and The Well Adjusted Dog. Over 30 years of clinical experience. Conducted over 400 Animal Chiropractic Seminars around the world. *Most states limit the practice of animal chiropractic to licensed veterinarians only. Always consult a licensed veterinarian. Check with your state laws before working on animals other than your own.

   Therapeutic Cold Lasers You Can Afford.  Infrared Cold Laser Packages From $595 Plus $15.00 Shipping. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  Two Year Product Guarantee. Order Soon To Receive A Red Single Diode Acupuncture Cold Laser With Your Vetrolaser Purchase.

 1-800-742-8433  Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C. "I personally answer the phone and all of your questions."​​

This package includes the infrared Vetrolaser (808nm/300mW--Class 3B), a bonus single diode red laser (650nm/5mW), professional carrying case, charger, Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C.’s horse and dog chiropractic technique DVD’s, user manual, acupuncture points, charts, and treatment formulas. Extra battery. Thirty day money back guarantee. Two year product guarantee. These guarantees apply to all of our laser packages.

The $665.00 package (plus $15.00 shipping) includes everything above plus one pair of safety goggles.

The $515.00 package (plus $15.00 shipping) includes the VetroRed six diode laser (650nm/5mW for each of the six diodes), one pair of safety goggles, a bonus single diode red acupuncture laser, the horse and dog chiropractic technique DVD’s, professional carrying case, user manual, acupuncture treatment formulas, points, charts, charger, and extra battery. You do not get the 808nm laser in this package.

The $915.00 "ultimate" package (plus $15.00 shipping) includes all three lasers and all the extras, including a single pair of safety glasses, plus a larger, fitted carrying case. You save $245.00 when you buy this package. 

Our 6 Diode VetroRed Laser. 650nm/5mW (Per Diode)
Covers A Large Area To Quickly Treat Wounds. Can be Bought Separately For $515.00 Or You Can Buy Our Three Laser Package For $915.00 Plus $15.00 Shipping (saving $245.00) See "Shop Online" For Details.

*Sold for animal use only. Results may vary. The Vetrolaser is a cold laser featuring three 808nm diodes (infrared). Total output is 300mW. Note: Before using or buying any therapy equipment for your animal, or administering any treatment, you should consult with a licensed veterinarian first. Even though thousands of clinical applications using low level lasers have been favorable, no claims can be made on its health benefits or anticipated outcome of treatment. When you buy any laser from this site or from the owner of this site (using PayPal, Googlecheckout, by phone, mail or any other means) you agree to never use these lasers in public. The buyer assumes full responsibility for their actions in the use of the lasers sold here. State and or Federal Laws may apply when using lasers. It is up to the buyer of any laser sold here to comply with these laws. For Veterinary Use Only. Federal Law prohibits the distribution of this device for human use. Not sold where prohibited.

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Email Dr. Kamen here for his free digital copy of the canine chiropractic bladder control method and how to prevent canine hip dysplasia.


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