This cut on Nessa's leg was healed in less than two weeks after her owner used the Vetrolaser.

Cold Laser Links Low Level Laser Research Link By Noted Universities (Controlled Study). This is posted here just for educational purposes since the Vetrolaser is sold for animal use only. Also, click on this Wikipedia link about low level lasers. Again, this is for educational purposes only since the Vetrolaser is for animal use only.  Click here for our class IV lasers.   Great veterinary laser therapy book.  We don't sell it, but it's available on Amazon.  Here is the PDF link.  Just $19.95.  A real bargain. 

The Well Adjusted Dog book has been recently updated and is now available on Kindle. Great techniques for bladder control and preventing canine hip dysplasia.**Always consult a licensed veterinarian first before making any decisions about your pet's health.



Mare cut neck on low tin roof...DEC 19, 2016 Cut was 6 inches long & 3 inches deep. (Brown color around wound is “blood stop” an herbal powder that stops bleeding).  The middle picture is 2 weeks into treatment...using 3 diode laser for deep tissue injury and single diode acupuncture point laser for surface of the wound itself. Wound has healed – Jan 19,2017 – a month after injury was sustained.  Donna

These pictures were sent to me from a customer who bought one of our lasers in 2009 and who has been using it regularly on her horses.